The absolutely #1 way to Thrive with ADD


Monotony is enemy number one for those with Attention Deficit Disorder.

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Here is the absolutely #1 way to thrive with ADD.


My thoughts are all over the place. At work or at home, they are often preoccupied with a running list of things that I want or need to get done for the day. So what do I do?


I go with it! Yup you read it correctly.


Here is what I mean:

Let’s say I am working on task A, when I start thinking about task B.   The pull to task B suddenly seems more important, so instead of pushing through task A with half effort, and possibly making mistakes.  I move to doing task B, and when it is done, I go back and complete task A.

Productivity only results if you make a conscious choice to come back to the task you took a “break” from.

Think of it like your work is laid out at a buffet table. You have to take a bite of this and a helping of that. But by the end of the day you know which dishes should be eaten in full.

Or another analogy I like is that of a pinball machine. It seems out of control but it’s not if you know how to control the hits on the ball.

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Follow my example…

and your day will still be productive, and here is why:  You will be spending less energy fighting the wandering mind, and instead that energy will go towards getting things done

The benefits are big!

I make fewer mistakes overall. The connection for me goes back to what I have learned in years of art and design classes. Walk away from your work and go back to it. When I did this I could see where my drawing had been “off” or where I needed to rearrange things in a design.

The same holds true for balancing your budget or making insurance calls.

With a fresh perspective you can see clearly where improvements need to be made.  You hit the refresh button when you mix things up. I want to put an exclamation point after that last sentence, but I have used too many already.  I just want you to know how passionate I am about sharing what I have learned with others in like situations to help them improve their circumstances.

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I keep a notebook handy to write things down throughout the day so nothing falls through the cracks.


And that’s it!


Be the pinball wizard. There doesn’t have to be a twist!

Rachel Ferguson

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