Stop Over-thinking

It’s that incident with a co-worker that you can’t stop thinking about. That comment you regret making to a loved one that you keep replaying in your head, even after you apologized. If a circumstance in life constantly runs in your mind in futility, you’re definitely over-thinking it.

How to Stop Over-thinking

#1 Love Yourself

How does loving yourself help to stop over-thinking? Because the root cause stems from a type of self doubt and being way too hard on yourself. We all know or have met the guy who says “forget it I don’t care”. And honestly at times they seem more sane than the person who is trying to save the world. I think the thing that person has is self love, or at least they care about themselves enough to say enough is enough. I did the best I could, so screw it if that person doesn’t like me or doesn’t get me. I’m going to be true to myself and be happy. “You can’t please everyone so you might as well please yourself” as Ricky Nelson sang.

#2 Listen to Your Favorite Song

Make your heart sing and your mind will follow! Music will instantly redirect your thoughts and snap you out of over-thinking. Go onto Pandora or IheartRadio or better yet YouTube because you can actually go directly to the song that lights your fire and makes you smile immediately. For me it is “That’s the Way it is” by Celine Dion. The best singer to walk the face of the earth. We all have that one song that you want to sing your guts out to while driving down the road, (unless your dead inside), so to quote Nike marketing, “Just Do It”. And if you don’t feel like do it anyway.

Nike Marketing "Just Do It"
Photo: Vivan Mehra

Or if your a heavy metal, head banging lover listen to another one of my favorites. Invincible by Skillet . Love this song. Love Skillet!

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#3 Watch a Funny Video

Make your mind laugh! Having a sleepless night, start trolling Facebook or YouTube for videos or to watch something to snap your mind out of the funk your in. Go to YouTube and type in “funny videos that make you laugh so hard you cry” or simply click here.  Also Tiger Funnies can’t help but make you smile.

Short and sweet, those are my go too’s when I need to hit pause on my mind loop. It’s simple but it works.



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