Clean As You Go Cleaning Up (Wee Wee)


How do you clean?

Working Mothers or people with borderline OCD may get this.



The day starts and I’m in full on “get ‘er done’ mode. However a clean body is necessary to feel ready for the day so I proceed to the bathroom to shower, but before I can turn on the water it happens.
I try to ignore it, to look away but I can’t! What horror am I speaking of? A dirty bathroom. It’s looking a wee bit gross in here. By wee I mean pee, yes there is always pee or urine in a place where it shouldn’t be. Plus toothpaste splatters in the sink, and “yadda yadda yadda” as George Kastanza would say on SeinfeldHey life’s a bitch without a maid.  So I do what I always do, I quickly squeeze in a few minutes of bathroom clean up pre-shower. I call this “clean as you go”.

In reality

In my reality, and I’m guessing, in your reality too, you have a day job, a family, a dog that needs to be walked, laundry, cooking and cleaning.


This isn’t including a hundred other things I’d rather be doing like binge watching Stranger Things 2.

My family, I love them dearly, has been trained by me (yes it’s my fault) to let almost all of the ‘cleaning’ fall on my shoulders. Cleaning is in quotes because my husband and I take turns cooking and cleaning up dinner and he does help with laundry.


Two of my three kids are more into cleaning and they just happen to be my daughters. Unfortunately, one daughter no longer lives at home. So now it’s two against two, meaning my hubby and son generally don’t see the dirt, or see it and don’t care. Where daughter one and I have standards. But even she doesn’t put it on her priority list.


So when it comes to scrubbing out toilets and bathtubs, dusting and mopping, It basically won’t get done unless I do it. So I squeak it in, I clean as I go.



Stuff has to get cleaned right?



“Oh enough of the inner dialogue just wipe up the wee wee!” Lucky for me I keep bleach wipes on the back of the toilet. Cuz yup, this is not an isolated event. I know the drill and I am prepared!

Bleach wipes

I grab a bleach wipe to clean off the toilet, wipe up wee wee and throw it away. Grab another bleach wipe, repeat, and bam, urines gone.


Then I see more dirt on the wall. That’s OK, I grab a fresh bleach wipe, bam, clean wall. See “clean as you go” is working!


Bleach Wipes to the Rescue!

Oh there’s more dirt up there so I wipe away.


Now I move onto wiping down the face plate of the light switch. I don’t want to throw away a half used bleach wipe! For shame! I keep going.

Only I realize I’ve overdone it. In my zealous five minute “clean as you go” way, my OCD has betrayed me. In my desire to use every last free surface of the bleach wipe, I now have caused  a bit more work for myself. I wiped the dirt that was on the shelf onto the door handle.


Stop, back up,  fresh bleach wipe for a clean door handle.



Now to do what I really came into the bathroom for in the first place, to clean me!


I turn on the shower.

Your thoughts

How are you feeling after reading this? Are you saying “Oh my gosh, I do the exact same thing!” Great minds think alike.  If not, that’s ok.


I am thankful for the little things, and I don’t sweat the small stuff. Small stuff still has to get done though. I find no need to lose my mind about it, or scream and carry on about it. It is what it is, a necessary part of life. I have resolved to clean up the urine before I step in it, and I don’t say anything about it anymore. I have accepted that I must take up the mantle of wee wee cleaner upper.



It’s kinda deeper than that for me.



You see as I take a break from writing this blog, I put my coffee cup down onto a dusty table and walk across a rug that needs vacuuming. Not having a super clean house used to really bother me. I mean really really bother me. My Mother was OCD about house cleaning, she refused to give up her obsession with cleaning.


For a long time I was the same way, until I finally had enough. I let my obsession with cleaning go. Spending my day making my sink sparkle and my floor shine took a back seat. There are way funner things I’d rather be doing like kayaking with a friend or seeing an action movie with my husband.  


Besides the minute I clean something, it quickly gets dirty again.



Clean as you go, try it!



Realistic expectations have lead me down a peaceful path and much happier daily life.


Rachel Ferguson

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