Mushroom Coffee Gives Loads of Energy Super Coffee

super coffee
Super Coffee

Trying a brand new tasty super coffee drink that I have a feeling you’re going to love…

This type of coffee is:

*Less acidic than normal coffee (no stomach burning)

*Extremely high quality (no pesticides, no mycotoxins)


*Includes powerful antioxidants and immune boosting properties…

*Boosts your brain & productivity

*Reduces stress, improves concentration, memory, and alertness..

And best of all — it tastes great.


So what’s this mystery super coffee?


It’s called Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee, and it’s been one of my husband’s and I’s favorite drinks over the past few weeks.

We’ve been having the mushroom coffee mix for a boost in the morning, and it certainly gives me energy!

We’re not the only ones enjoying it — every


one from elite athletes, to Tim Ferriss, to nutritionists, authors, and even professional dancers have found the benefits & taste of the mushroom coffee to be great.

If you’re avoiding caffeine, they have caffeine free flavors — which are also delicious and offer similar benefits to their main mushroom coffee.


Of course, I wouldn’t mention something like this without having negotiated a deal for you, and here it is:


Four Sigmatic is offering their sampler pack – 8 mushroom drink packets of all their flavors — for just $10. AND — you’ll get a $10 coupon toward your next purchase (I am certain after tasting their drinks, you’ll want more!) so it completely pays for itself.

I know you’ll enjoy it as much as we have!


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