Robotic Vacuum on a Budget

Do you want a robotic vacuum on a budget for Christmas?

I know I did  but thought they were too pricey. Luckily I found this incredible vacuum on Amazon. It is a Best Seller.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 

robotic vacuum on a budget
robotic vacuum on a budget

Here are some of it’s features:

      • Smart Phone App Controls: Schedule & track cleaning sessions, accessory status, battery life, & receive error alerts. Android & Apple compatible. Note: Requires 2.4G Hz Wi-Fi
      • Smart Motion Navigation & 3-Tier Cleaning System: Direct suction vacuum, helix brush-roll, dual side brushes combined with Smart Motion guided auto-clean & 3 specialized cleaning modes
      • Anti-Collision/Drop Sensor Protection: Comprehensive, intelligent sensor safety technology plus durable protective bumpers
      • Max 100 Minute Battery Life: Lithium battery supports quiet, consistent cleaning & high-efficiency air filtration
      • 1 Year Warranty, plus Accessories: Includes (1) instruction manual, (1) remote control w/ batteries (2) sponge filter, (2) high efficiency filter, (4) side brushes, (1) power adapter, (1 docking station & custom

Everyone is busier than ever these days. Why not have this robotic vacuum do the vacuuming for you while your at work! Especially if you have pets, the ECOVACS DEEBOT N79 saves you loads of time and work! And right now you can get it for a great price.

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Robotic Vacuum on a Budget
100+ Minute Battery Life

robotic vacuum on a budget






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