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Thrive Again!

  Thrive has changed my life. I have an energy now that I thought was once gone forever. See for yourself what others are saying about Thrive. Watch the video below.      

How to draw

How to Draw a Cat from a Photograph

How to Draw a Cat from a Photograph Thinkittomakeit.com is about having a healthy thought life. A big part of that involves having downtime every week. When I need to unplug and relax I draw. I decided to share a few steps on how I…

The Myth of Multi-Tasking

  It’s the desired skill….. listed on so many job postings,┬ámulti-tasking. Even though studies show that multi-tasking is ineffective, and can even lower your IQ, it is still a highly sought after skill. What your employer wants is to save time because time is money,…